20 Questions with Arge O’Neal

Welcome to 20 Questions. A new series that I hope to see happen on a regular basis. We ask members of the Dice Masters Community a series of questions about the state of the game, life itself, and who the best member of the MOD is.

In our first episode, we decided to shoot for the stars and question the current reigning World Champion of Dice Masters: Arge O’Neal.

Apologies for the sound issues. The choice was either clean up the jet engine noise from the furnace and you could not hear Arge as well, or clean up the background noise and make Argo too quiet. After some professional consultation, I chose to make Arge’s audio better and accept the background noises. Not ideal, but it will have to do in this case. We’ll try and improve for round 2.

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Thanks for reading & watching!
– jourdo

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