Top 5: 2020 Rotation Edition

SuperK’s Top 5 Cards I Will Miss From Modern

I didn’t think this would have been tough to do as I knew right off the bat some of the cards I would miss but I had a bit more cards then 5. The ones I will miss, were all on teams that I had played in online tournaments and WDA/TOTM. 
Honourable Mention: Robin: Reckoning

5. Tiger Claw: Seeking Vengeance

I found this card to be an underdog and recently started playing with it more. Who doesn’t want to deal 2 damage every time you attack? And if you can get Tiger on level 2 or 3, mostly likely your opponent won’t be taking the damage. The die stays in the field ready to do its 2 damage on your next turn when it attacks.

4. Absorbing Man: Ol’ Ball and Chain

I really liked this card cause every time you fielded a character you can use a copy of their ‘when fielded’ ability. And not just on your end but your opponents ‘when fielded’ as well, though I always forgot that part. I always paired this card with my #3 and Jubilee: Wondra, “When fielded, deal 2 damage to target character die or opponent.” Pretty sweet when you
can do 4 damage when you field a character.

Orion: Astro-Force Powered Harness3. Orion: Astro-Force Powered Harness

This is one of the cards I am really going to miss. Another underdog card that didn’t see much play. I would pair it with Absorbing Man(#4), to do 4 damage just by fielding and another 2 damage when attacks. 6 damage in one turn! And just like Tiger Claw, get him on level 2 or 3 and most likely, damage won’t be getting through and you can continue to get your 2 damage when you attack each turn and a beefy blocker. 

2. Wolverine:  Xavier’s School (OP)

This card was an ace on my Orbital strike team. Just in case you dont know, orbital strike is a BAC that reads “Reroll all your active character dice. Deal damage to target opponent equal to the combined A of all rolled dice showing character faces. KO the rest of the rolled dice. Skip your Attack Step this turn.” Wolverine is a cheap purchase cost with beefy die stats. Get a couple rolled on level 2 and 3 with orbital and you’re doing big damage. If you miss your roll, the regenerate (“Reroll when KO’d”) comes in handy, hoping you roll him back and you have blockers instead of an empty field. I will miss it.

1. Team Up BAC

This was my favourite card and will miss it the most. I really hope it gets reprinted in a future set. I had built a team up team that was solid and when it worked, it was a one shot kill. It was fast and if you had decent amount of affiliations, you’re KO’ing most or all your opponents characters. A lot of the online tournaments I was in, I always had a team up team. Even brought a team up team to Canadian Nats and made top 8. I am pretty heart broken. 

Kim’s Top 5 Cards That Can F**k Off From Modern

This list was actually much easier for me then the cards I will miss. These cards annoyed me especially when I had my team up, orbital strike or Orion/Tiger Claw teams. I definitely won’t miss them and hope they don’t get re printed. I won’t lie, some of these cards were on my team for protection but I never bought them unless I really needed to. They just hurt me with the teams I had built. 

5.  Boom Boom: Time Bomb

This card wasn’t too annoying but annoying enough. You just had to hope their basic action die didn’t roll or you had Scarlet on your team to help. When XFC came out, everyone started using Hope Summers: Pluripotent Echopraxia to copy Boom Boom dealing you 4 damage instead of 2. 

4. Bishop: Butterfly Effect

This card was always a fear for me when I played my non combat damage teams (eg Orion/Tiger or Jubilee) and the problem I have is I never really put a backup 2nd win con on my teams lol I don’t hate the card just feared it if I saw it on an opponents team. 

3. Shriek: Sonic Beam

This card, no hate per say just annoying. As I mentioned, I hardly built teams with a 2nd win con, once I got shrieked on my main win con, I was in trouble. Not sad to see it go.

2. Green Devil Mask: Lesser Trap

If you can control your team to less then four, then you’re in good shape. But how many teams are really built that way? I have gotten burnt many times with this ‘Devil’ with my team up team. The worst part, if you don’t roll your characters back on their faces, they go to used, mucking up your bag. 

1. Scarlet Witch: Be Careful What You Wish For

This one is going to be short and sweet. I found myself saying this a lot when I was up against Scarlet, “Argh, you Switch B**” 🤬

So…what do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  What would you say are your Top 5 Cards that will be missed?  How about those that can F**k Off from Modern?  Let us know in the comments below!

– The Dice Masters North Team


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