Top 5: 2020 Rotation Edition

Reg’s Top 5 Cards I Will Miss From Modern

Sorry everyone, my list wont be as much detailed as the others as just due to a busy week.  

5. Team Up – Basic Action Card

Anybody that knows me, knows I loves me my Blank Team Up Team.  If you ever have played a match with blank cards you would know how hard it is to win.  Adding Team Up as your Basic Action makes Blank Team Up winning Actually possible…

4.  Madame Web – The Great Web Unravels

This lady will be missed.  Loving Combat damage teams, Madame web was the simplest way to get alot of damage unblockable and hopefully we get a similar character in the near future…

3. Doppelganger – Lesser Monstrosity

Making a copy of another card with cost 3+ was an amazing ability.  Having that copy card to be masks would have been amazing in the current modern going forward.  Asuka would have made this card a 1 cost and would have been broken…

2. Resurrection – Basic Action Card

I think 95% of my teams had this card as a Basic Action.  It was by far my favorite of cards.  Whenever you were looking for something to add to a team, this card was my first choice.  Slow games are not for me, ramping always helps, even if it made my opponents team better I was okay with it.  I know there is Atlas now, but that will take up 1/8th of my team build of characters. 
* Note – At the time of printing.  I had no idea about the global on Xathanar…. Which is better than Atlas now…

1. Warriors Three (They all count here)

The Warriors three would be my favorite Team build that will be missed.   I loved that all three of the warriors synergized with each other, and when they all were in the field, it was game over.  While it wasnt a meta team, it was such a fun combo, and will definitely be missed.

Reg’s Top 5 Cards That Can F**k Off From Modern

This list was actually much easier for me.  These are all cards that for whatever reason, made the game less fun for me.  May we never see this kind of garbage again.

5.  Bishop – Butterfly Effect

How many times would you put your team of non-combat damage down and realize your opponent had Bishop… To stop all non-combat damage was going to be tough, and his big ass would be hard to knock out.  Many times I would actually be able to take him off my opponents field, only to see him get re-rolled into the field the next turn.



4.  Tabaxi Rogue 

I added this feline to the list for her bribing Wizkids not to neuter her like they did to Spot…

I hate the corrupt keyword and with it running more rampant than coronavirus these days, she can just leave… 

3.  Scarlet Witch

Farewell Switch.  God catcher is happy to see you go…

2.  Shriek

The only part I will miss about Shriek is currently we have 2 force attack globals in the modern now…  She will be replaced by a higher cost and higher fielding cost version and hopefully nobody will buy it (but they will….)

1.  Green Devil Mask

Worst card in the game.  Previously Batman Always prepared was also here, but he cost 1 more energy.  
I hated this card, especially being a combat style player.
Wizkids will continue my hate of this type of card in the Avengers set with something even worse in Pip the Troll, and Spiderman versions that wont even involve me re-rolling to have a chance to keep stuff in the field….  Those 2 cards would be on this list if I could….

Read onto the next page to see what Kim will (and will not) miss with the 2020 Rotation.

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. You best bet is to honestly photoshop the whole card and put in the dice images that you want. We have an older tutorial on the site for that and I will be making something new for the D&D cards shortly.

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