Top 5: 2020 Rotation Edition

Son of L’s Top 5 Cards I Will Miss From Modern

There are over 800 cards departing from Modern in this rotation.  Narrowing either list down to just 5 cards was not a trivial exercise.  And I could have easily made a third list or cards about which I can’t make up my mind whether losing access to them myself outweighs knowing I don’t have to worry about seeing them on the other side of the table.

5.  Jimmy Olsen

My local scene actually plays Golden Age more often than Modern.  That may have had something to do with how JImmy snuck on to this list.  His ability is fantastic – discounting 2 other characters by 2 along with free fielding for them.  On a 2-cost yet, even if JImmy was around long before Supreme Intelligence.  Cheaper is always better, but when Supreme Intelligence (and its global) showed up the difference between 2-costs and 3-costs became much more significant. 

Jimmy’s problem was while there were one or two at least borderline usable Superman cards in Modern during his time there, that was never the case for the Supergirl cards.  He’s a terrific support card, but there was never enough in the format for him to support to allow him to truly shine.  Even so, I’ll still miss him.

4.  Wonder Woman

She became an auto-include on many of my teams, particularly those intended to deal their damage from a small number of either unblocked or Overcrush characters.  Because, for a rather lengthy period, it felt like every opponent I matched up thought Static Field was an auto-include for his side.  I did eventually tire of using her as the obvious/easy solution to that problem and tried to fine other solutions to the Static Field problem and try to included them on my teams.  But it was always comforting to know that Child of Clay was there to go back to when I ran out of ideas on that front..

3.  Create Food and Water

AKA “Cake”.  The action itself can give you decent ramp, at least in the early game, but it’s the global ability that I am going to miss.  It is an amazing tool to help players with their bag management.  The ability to potentially thin your bag of a Sidekick die each turn is the least of it.  It can be used to get a die into your Used Pile when you want one there to interact with.  It can be used to trigger a bag refill when a bag is empty so that actions that draw dice until the bag is empty (such as the Cake action itself) become usable.

2.  Insect Plague

This one really is all about the global ability.  I’ve put together a couple of interesting teams that relied on using this global with an Ally character.  I’m sorry to see that door close.





1.  Bishop

Complete protection against burn damage as long as he stayed active.  I especially loved seeing him in action against Infiltrate teams.  Infiltrate damage occurs immediately after blockers are assigned, before the Attack Step global window.  So even if he’s blocking, whether as result of a force block global, choice or necessity he still nerfs the damage even if its clear he’s going to be KO’d when damage is assigned..

Son of L’s Top 5 Cards That Can F**k Off From Modern

Starting this list was really easy.  The only thought the top two required was which was number one and which was number two.  Picking the other three, not so much.  It’s almost like it’s very nearly a twenty or twenty-five way tie for those three spots.  I finally settled on three cards for those slots, but if I did this list a week ago or a week from now slots 3-5 would be entirely different.

5.  Scarlet Witch

The queen of action dice control/hate.  Almost from the day she appeared you knew that if playing your team included using action dice, you had to plan how to work around her.  Would it be an exaggeration to say she started to take action dice out of the game?  Yes, I think so.  But only because there were powerful action dice related abilities, such as Common Boom-Boom also out there.  Boom Boom and Scarlet Witch, introduced in the same set, were essentially counters to one another.  The problem was Scarlet Witch was also a counter to so much else.

4.  Mimic

Unlike some other cards on this list, I don’t hate Mimic:  Borrowed Talent.  But I certainly don’t love it.  I am not and never will be a fan of unbalanced ramp – and Mimic is about as unbalanced ramp as there is in the game.  Yes, you have to get him out, and to get him to work consistently you really need to dedicate another slot on the team to something with a Sidekick-fielding global, usually Professor X; No More, Magnus!  

Once the Mimic player has him out, it can feel like he and his opponent are playing different games.  Yes, there are counters to him, which I suppose is the reason we never actually got to the point where players felt they needed to include a counter to Mimic on each team they built.  

But there was a moment or two, where it felt, at least to me, like things were headed in that direction.  Which is what got Mimic added to this list.

3.  Angela

When you look over the newly released sets it seems pretty clear that as far as WizKids is concerned, the Infiltrate keyword is here to stay.  Which means its time, if not past, for Angela to go.

The Odin’s Fury global made her a much bigger problem, but there were always other means (e.g. Misdirection) to get her off the field so unblocked Infiltrators could start dealing combat damage.  I always thought it was a cheesy way to win a game, but if was certainly an effective one.

2.  Norman Osborn

Nobby, you sucked plenty all by yourself.  But you sucked even worse in partnership with Collector.  Which you almost always were.

Good riddance, dont’ let the door hit you on the way out, and never come back.


1.  Collector

F**k this card.  I have no actual problem with the ability of this Oversimplified version:  You can use the ‘when fielded’ ability of any character on either side.  Immediately, as in the die, which you buy at a discount, doesn’t have to work its way through your bag.  And it goes back to the card, meaning it doesn’t get stuck in your Field Zone, so you can use the same ‘when fielded’ ability next turn.  And you can use the ability on either player’s turn.

And that was the oversimplified version.  The die you bring in doesn’t have to be something with a ‘when fielded’ ability.  It skews heavily to that in practice, of course, I was just pointing out he’s actually ever more versatile than my original description suggested.

This card is so broken.  Most of the apparent negatives about it, are actually positives when you think about it.

Collector, I’ll admit that he relied more heavily on you than you on him.  But, still, since the two of you seemed to like each other so much – Why don’t the two of you go find a deep, dark hole, jump in and rot there together for eternity.


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    1. Sorry for the late reply. You best bet is to honestly photoshop the whole card and put in the dice images that you want. We have an older tutorial on the site for that and I will be making something new for the D&D cards shortly.

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