Essential Tag Descriptions

Searchable Tags

To find any of the following, use Ctrl+F, and include the exact spelling (with the #) of the desired hashtag. Tags are listed in alphabetical order.

#actionhate: Cards used to either prevent actions from being played, punish players for using actions, stop an action’s effects, or remove actions from the field (if they have continuous)

#affiliation: Cards that help, or benefit from, specific affiliations (e.g. Avengers, Villains).

#antiattack: Cards that prevent your opponent from attacking you or stops attacking characters from dealing damage.

#antiblockers: Cards that prevent opposing characters from blocking (without KO’ing them) or ties them up into blocking a character of your choice.

#blanking: Cards that serve to ignore a card’s text.

#bruiser: Characters with a 4+ purchase cost and offensively-minded stats.  (has 4+ purchase cost with offensively-minded stats)

#buff: Cards that are used to increase the A or D of one or more of your characters and/or to give them added abilities.

#cheapaggro: Offensive characters with purchase costs of 3 or less emphasizing combat damage.

#churn: Card used to go through your bag more quickly, to filter out the better card

#consistency: Cards that increase your odds of getting a desirable roll, for example by converting one energy type into another or converting a sidekick into a specific energy type.

#damagebuff: Cards that increase the damage dealt by other cards without affecting a character’s stats.

#directdamage: Card used to deal non-combat damage to a player.

#discount: Cards that discount the purchase and/or purchase cost of other cards.

#globalhate: Cards used to prevent globals from being played, punish players for using globals, or stop globals’ effects.

#globals: Cards with competitively-relevant global abilities.

#judo: Cards that let you use your opponent’s strength to your benefit.

#lifegain: Cards that allow you to gain life.

#protection: Cards that serve to protect your characters or actions from being targeted or affected by opposing effects.

#ramp: Card used to allow you to roll more dice than usual on a given turn.

#reduction: Cards that serve to reduce the damage taken by a player.

#removal: Cards used to get characters off of your opponent’s field.

#selfKO: Cards used to damage or KO your own characters.

#setup: Cards used to prepare specific dice to be used on a specific turn.

#sidekicks: Cards that help you field sidekicks, either by having the Ally keyword or helping sidekick dice go on character faces.

#shutdown: Cards used to stop opposing effects, characters, etc. from having an effect.

#struggle: Cards used to punish your opponent from damaging you

#support: Cards that, while they do not win on their own, enhance the effects of other cards.

#tax: Cards that increases existing costs or adds an additional cost to accomplish any given act.