The Essentials List



Welcome everyone.  This is a list I originally started on Reddit, and eventually Facebook, to discuss cards which are regularly used competitively; this is not restricted exclusively to WKO-level cards, but it is competitively oriented.

Some disclaimers and housekeeping before I begin:

  • The list is now searchable! With each card, I will include tags to specify their roles
    and functions. I will include the tags and their definitions for ease of research.
  • The following is my opinion, and the opinion of one random guy on the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt or two.
  • This list will always be in flux. A card which is useless today can be part of a game-breaking combo tomorrow. I will do my best to keep this updated regularly.
  • When I say that, for example, three dice are needed for two different versions of the same character from the same set, I’m not telling you to buy three copies of each version. I’m just saying, “if you want to use this version, I suggest you get three dice, total. You could just, say, buy one copy of the common, uncommon and rare and you’d be set. (if you buy from Coolstuffinc, they sell the card and die together)
  • Not every single playable card is in here. This is a starting point, a list to build from. There are lots of fun and janky combos which I won’t include here (for example, Captain Britain Iron Man is incredibly fun, but he requires such a specific build, and he’s so easy to counter, that he’s hardly worth looking at from a competitive standpoint)

With that said, I hope this is useful to you. Enjoy!

– ccm00007

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