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Macho Man and Stretch Global Ability Interaction

OK, there is a LOT of conversation here, and I’m not going to pretend I didn’t read this about a hundred times to try and figure it out.  I’m going to suggest you read the full screenshot conversation, and then meet me at the bottom to see if we can figure it out together.



These folks are expert DM players and they know these cards like the the backs of their hands. However, what I believe it boils down to, is they have determined that if you have Macho Man Randy Savage active, and you used the Stretch Global Ability, which reads “Pay Fist. Once per turn, you may draw and roll a die. Move a die fromyour reserve pool to your used pile” (except during your own turn, when it would go out of play first…), you would complete one ability before triggering the next. Therefore, in this case, you would complete the Stretch Global Ability, THEN complete Macho Man Randy Savage’s ability.

There were follow up questions here about if you also had The Spot: Portal Jumper active, and also the 2nd half of the Stretch Global, which led to the final realization that Macho Man Randy Savage only copies the drawing part of an ability, and confirms that you still complete one ability before moving onto the next.

Confused? Me too. I have a solution – just don’t play these cards together, and then you don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

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