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Question 4: ccm00007 (hey, that’s our Laurier!) asked about the interaction between the Global Ability on the Jerry Lawler Basic Action Card and Thanos: Prove Love For Lady Death.

Re: Thanos with Jerry Lawler’s global

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:10 pm

ccm00007 wrote:Hi,

I have a question about the interaction between Thanos: Prove Love For Lady Death, and Jerry Lawler, Ringside Announcer.

Relevant text for both cards:



When Thanos deals Overcrush damage to an opponent, double that damage.

Jerry Lawler:

All blocked and blocking Superstars deal double damage this turn.

Global: Pay fist. Target blocked or blocking Superstar deals double damage. Use this ability only once per turn.

I attack with a level 3 Thanos(9A/9D), who is only blocked by level 3 Shriek (3A/3D). I use Jerry Lawler’s global to double Thanos’ damage. Assuming no other ability affects damage, how much damage does Thanos deal my opponent with Overcrush?

1) 30 (Thanos deals 18 damage to Shriek, and would deal 15 damage to my opponent due to Overcrush, but that damage is doubled to 30 by Thanos’ effect)
2) 15 (same scenario, but the “double damage” effects do not stack)
3) Another response

Thank you for your time.

I think this thread answers your question – https://win.wizkids.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5724&p=16273&hilit=wolverine&sid=d7893c5a167659c2978816f2f4dff6ad&sidd7893c5a167659c2978816f2f4dff6ad#p16273

-The DM Rules Team

This one referred back to a previous ruling, which, to make things easy, I’ve copied here:

Re: Wolverine, The Best There Is, Uncanny X-Men, #22, Overcr

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:29 am

Wolverine Card Text: “Wolverine deals double damage to characters that block him.”

Anger Issues Card Text: “Target character gets +3A and Overcrush this turn (damage dealt in excess of blockers’ health is dealt to opponent).”

DC Rulebook Pages 10-11: “Each attacking character that was blocked assigns its attack value in damage to the character(s) blocking it. If more than one character is blocking an attacking character, the attacker can choose how to divide the damage between the blockers (and can even assign one full damage and the other zero). An attacking character must assign all of its damage. . . . Damage dealt to a character in excess of its defense has no effect.”

DC Rulebook Page 26: “Overcrush: When attacking, if this character knocks out all of its blockers, it deals any leftover damage to your opponent.”

Question: I use the Anger Issues basic action on my level one Wolverine – The Best There Is, increasing his attack from 5 to 8 and giving him overcrush. My Opponent blocks with her level 3 Loki – Gem Keeper, with 8 defense. How much damage does my opponent take?

(a) 8 – Wolverine‘s ability triggers, doubling the damage he deals to Loki to 16. Per pages 10-11, it is ordinary and within the rules to have more damage dealt to a blocker than that the blocker’s defense value. Due to the Overcrush ability, the “leftover” damage–8–is then dealt to my opponent.

(b) 0 – Wolverine‘s ability cannot result in damage exceeding the blocker’s defense value. Not sure what the basis would be for this in the rules, so an explanation would be helpful if this is the answer. Thank you.

(a) 8 damage, for the reasons you identified. Overcrush considers all damage dealt to the blocking character(s), and then applies the “leftover” to your opponent. The doubling of damage triggered by Wolverine’s ability occurs before the Overcrush “check” for “leftover” damage occurs, and thus the amount of “leftover” damage is benefit from the prior doubling of damage.

-The Dice Masters Rules Team

AND, this one was also talked about on the Facebook post.

Here, Jimmy clarifies that only combat damage can be doubled with the Jerry Lawler Global Ability.  Ability damage is not doubled.

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