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Question 3: steelers_reg (hey, that’s Reg!) asked about Tag Out timing.

Re: Subject – Tag Out Keyword

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:04 pm

steelers_reg wrote:Question in regards to the new keyword ‘TAG OUT’ in the WWE sets:
Tag Out (After blockers are declared, you may Prep this die from the Field Zone to give target Superstar die +2A and +2D until end of turn.)Can the character that is Tagged out be attacking before you prep the die from the field zone after blockers are declared?
I had example game where I had 4 characters in the field zone all with the keyword ‘TAG OUT’, my opponent had 3 characters.If I pushed with all 4 of my characters, one would be unblocked. Would I then be able to tag out the other 3 ‘blocked’ characters and add +6A +6D to my unblocked die?Question is in regards to the attack zone and field zone. (I believe that I would be able to do this after attacking as the Attack Zone is considered part of the Field Zone to be tagged out from and it references it in Page 6 of the WWE Rulebook)Thanks

Yes, if you attacked with all 4 characters, you could have 3 of them Tag Out to give the unblocked character +6A and +6D.

-The DM Rules Team

Tag Out was also referenced on the Facebook post.
So, to be 100% clear – Tag Out happens immediately after blockers are declared, and before moving to the Global window of the attack step. Once Global Abilities are initiated, you have lost your window of opportunity for Tag Out. This timing is the same as the Infiltrate window. If a character with Infiltrate attacks & is not blocked, it can be removed from the attack zone, dealing 1 damage to target opponent, before the Global window occurs.

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