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Question 2: jbouwme (hey, that’s me!) asked about Obscure:

Re: Obscure

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:01 pm

jbouwme wrote:Hello,
The new keyword “obscure” reads:

Obscure: When you use an Action die, this character is unblockable until end of turn. (DDDM4)

There has been some conversation since it says “this character”, and not “this character die”.

If I had an obscure character active, then used an action die to trigger obscure, and then fielded a second copy of the same obscure character, would both dice be unblockable in this case?

Thank you.

As worded, all dice of that character would be unblockable. If a judge were to rule otherwise under the “weaker interpretation” theory – we would understand, but unless an alternative ruling is made please treat it as, “this character” and not “this character die.”

-The DM Rules Team

Seems like Obscure is more powerful than I originally thought. Thanks go to Rob_L for playing Drow Mercenary: Hired Blade (TIW) against me, triggering me to ask this question. 🙂

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