Golden Age Two Team Takedown Tournament

What is a Two Team Takedown?

This is a unique format to play Dice Masters created by Chris Z and Rob H. from the Chris & Rob Game Room YouTube channel.  The concept is simple:  Play a best 2 out of 3 format against your opponent.  The difference is that you need to win each game with 2 completely unique Teams.  Your Teams cannot share any cards in common.  You can have the same character, but you cannot cannot use the same version of the cards on both Teams.

This creates a challenge in construction.  You may depend on certain cards in certain situations, but this forces you outside of your comfort zone.  How badly do you actually need Resurrection on your Team?  Would it be better on a different build?

That is the fun in the Format.  You need to make choices that may strengthen one Team while weakening another due to card choices.

Golden Age Online Tournament

The boys from the Game Room give details of the Tournament during their Live Stream.

Sign-up information can be found here.

Current Standings

Online Matches

The event is underway, and many of the matches are being broadcast on YouTube.  We will try and keep this Playlist up to date with videos as they are released.  Check it out below.